Public Safety

Telecommunication (1YR)

Criminal justice and emergency services are essential occupations within every community. The Public Safety Communicator (PSC) plays an integral part in the delivery of these services. PSCs are the “first” first responder in public safety situations. This program prepares students for civilian employment as a dispatcher (police, fire, and emergency medical communicator) by teaching them how to operate telephones, radios, and computer terminals responding to emergency and non-emergency requests for assistance. They obtain vital information regarding the nature and location of requests and dispatch assistance as appropriate.

The 232-hour content includes, but is not limited to: ethics and the role of the communicator; standard telecommunication operating procedures; relationship to field personnel; understanding of command levels; typical layouts of message centers; use of performance aids; overview of emergency agencies; functions and terminology; telecommunications equipment; federal, state and local communication rules; employability skills; and health.

This program is taught by certified PSCs and meets the educational requirements for Florida Department of Health 911 Emergency Dispatcher Certification.

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