Culinary Arts

and Hospitality

The Professional Culinary Arts and Hospitality certificate prepares you for employment as a kitchen manager and operations cook.

  • Students will learn about history, trends, equipment, recipes, raw materials, sanitation, menu preparation, banquet presentation, and identify occupations in the food service and hospitality industry

  • Each student will develop personal and professional etiquette

  • Hands-on instruction includes advanced cooking and baking techniques as lab experience is an integral part of this program

  • Students will learn how to classify and identify all causes of food borne illnesses and contaminations, and the best ways to avoid them

  • Internships are available in The Hotel Jacaranda Restaurant kitchen which is a working and operational restaurant where students visit different stations learning every step and every department in the restaurant business

Course Examples (for a larger list, visit the College Catalog):

  • Food Preparation

  • Applied Techniques in Food Service

  • Quantity Food Preparation

Length: 1,200 contact hours

ProgramGuide Professional Culinary Arts and Hospitality CC.pdf